Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Safety first

My jewellery has transformed itself over and over again since I first started making "one earring" earrings. From beads, I discovered silver metal clay. I always had a desire to work with silver and even went to a silversmith's course - the course totally freaked me out though... mainly because of the teacher, who was the daggiest person I have ever met (teaching in tracky daks is not a good look)...but besides being daggy, which was horrific, she who would throw silver pieces into hydrochloric acid and spill it everywhere and then would wave her arms around holding a blow torch. So, silver metal clay seemed to me to be a much safer option - you could mould it like clay and then fire it on your own stove - no acid, no blow torch, fringe and fingers intact.

It was a lot of fun working with the silver clay - but you had to work quickly before the piece dried (which was quite problematic with our hot, humid days). Here are some of the pieces that I made. I stocked some of these pieces in (m)art at Artisan and Dogstar.

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