Friday, February 20, 2009


I'm learning how to sew at the moment with a designer called, Rudolf of Rudolf Couture. My Mum has always loved sewing and makes the most gorgeous quilts with a variety of techniques including hand applique and crazy patch. When I was little I would go with her to patchwork shops - I loved looking at all the fabrics and seeing what she would make from them, but never really tried sewing myself....that was until last year when I decided to do a traditional tailoring techniques class with Rudolf. The classes are held in a room of an old terrace house in Surry Hills, which is filled to the brim with vintage sewing machines - it is like stepping back in time. I can't count the number of times I have had to unpick my samples - but can now create pockets, zips and plackats like a professional (ok, well perhaps not...but I'm getting better!)

Information on Rudolf's classes can be found at

This is Rudolf, Sam, Julie and I at the Tessuti Awards, Sydney 2008.


Linda said...

I think you have well and truly surpassed me in using the sewing machine - your work is stupendous (and I am not biased) and one day I hope to get you making a quilt. Lots of love Mum

satsuki design said...

That's certainly not true Mum!! - your work is extraordinary. Would love to make a quilt one day!